Taxation as an instrument of fiscal policy

Fiscal Policy: Meaning, Objectives and Other Information | Article on Economics

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Taxation as an Instrument of Fiscal Policy in Nigeria

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The Four Major Functions of Fiscal Policy

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5 Major Instruments of Fiscal Policy

Fiscal policy is how Congress and other elected officials influence the economy using spending and taxation. It is used in conjunction with the monetary policy implemented by central banks. It influences the economy using the money supply and interest rates.

instruments, among which fiscal instruments to tackle the climate change problem. This paper takes a policy-making perspective and provides an overview of key issues on the role of fiscal.

Jul 03,  · Taxation As An Instrument Of Fiscal Policy In Nigeria Abstract This research work is an attempt to examine how taxation is used as a fiscal policy tool in planning, controlling and co-ordinating the tempo of some of the activities of the economy. Taxation is one of the major fiscal policy instruments used in regulating the economy, boosting investment, encouraging saving capacity, regulating inflation etc.

it is one of the sources of government income used in financing public utilities and performing various social responsibilities. The role of fiscal policy for economic growth relates to the stabilization of the rate of growth of an advanced country. Fiscal policy through variations in government expenditure and taxation profoundly affects national income, employment, output and prices.

Fiscal policy can be distinguished from monetary policy, in that fiscal policy deals with taxation and government spending and is often administered by an executive under laws of a legislature, whereas monetary policy deals with the money supply and interest rates and is often administered by a central bank.

Taxation as an instrument of fiscal policy
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