Playing chess is my hobby

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Short Essay on my favorite game – Chess

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There can be many aspects of a hobby and chess has many different angles to enjoy. First of all there is the basic thrill and fun of playing the game with an equally matched Resolved. My Favourite Hobby By 4E William To My Favourite hobby is playing Chinese chess.

I enjoy playing Chinese chess when. Login to add this hobby to your My Hobby section! Getting started with playing chess. There are several options open to you to learn chess. You can enroll at your local hobby club if you have one nearby.

what is your favorite hobby

You can also learn from chess software, electronic chess sets, from a DVD or from books. 12 interesting chess questions. We have many other materials and lessons that will help you to learn or improve the skills of the game of chess.

No, chess is my hobby, so is running a chess website. Question 9: Irfan: Can you teach me how to make good openings?? hi ive been playing chess about 2 years.

And at my best i can beat. Getting started with playing chess. Now that you have the full background about how the game of chess evolved, it is time to look at what you need to get started to play.

What you need. It is easy to find a chess set of your choice. Chess sets can be priced as low as $ and go up to several thousands of dollars based on the type you buy.

Sep 10,  · My hobby is playing chess. After completing my home works, in the evening I play chess with my sister and my friends. Sometimes when no one is ready to play then I play chess alone from both the sides.

Playing chess is my hobby
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welcome to wadzy's world!!!!!!!!!: MY FAVOURITE HOBBY.(playing chess)