Paper stars

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Christmas Crafts For Kids

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Paper Stars

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Origami Lucky Star The origami lucky star is fairly simple to make. It's a popular tradition to fill up glass jars with these lucky stars. This is fairly simple and doesn’t require glueing, although some precision cutting: A paper rocket made of interlocking parts: It’s not the most stable toy, and in fact is more something to look at than to play with.

Make your own gorgeous traditional Swedish DIY paper star for the Holidays with Find this Pin and more on Holidays by Maureen Sklaroff.

Most people in Sweden put stars likes these in their windows at Christmas. How to Make Paper Stars From Lunch Bags. Safety Note: This is a fun family project! Kids can help with the gluing and decorating. Adults only should handle the cutting. With the simplicity and accuracy of paper piecing, you can create these elaborate-looking Star blocks in a snap!

Carol Doak, bestselling author of many books on paper piecing, is back with 50 original paper-pieced Star blocks--one for each U.S. state. This post is sponsored by The Loctite Repair Network.

I love these stars. I wanted to do a cut-and-fold version of origami lucky stars. You can make them in different sizes and you can hang them on yours Christmas tree or make a garland from them.

Paper stars
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Origami Lucky Star Folding Instructions - How to Make an Origami Star