Ozone layer deplection

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What is Ozone Layer Depletion?

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Ozone layer

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But through domestic and international action, the ozone layer is healing and should fully recover by about This website addresses stratospheric ozone issues, including the science of ozone depletion, EPA's regulatory approach to protecting the ozone layer, EPA-approved alternatives to ozone-depleting substances.

Ozone layer depletion, is simply the wearing out (reduction) of the amount of ozone in the stratosphere. Unlike pollution, which has many types and causes, Ozone depletion has been pinned down to one major human activity.

Ozone layer depletion, is simply the wearing out (reduction) of the amount of ozone in the stratosphere. Unlike pollution, which has many types and causes, Ozone depletion has been pinned down to. What is Ozone Layer?

Ozone depletion

To understand ozone layer, it would be helpful to know the different layers of the atmosphere. The earth's atmosphere is composed of many layers, each playing a significant role. The first layer stretching approximately 10 kilometers upwards from the.

The ozone layer above the Antarctic has been particularly impacted by pollution since the mids. This region’s low temperatures speed up the conversion of CFCs to chlorine. The ozone layer protects the Earth against most UVB coming from the sun.

It is always important to protect oneself against UVB, even in the absence of ozone depletion, by wearing hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. However, these precautions will become more important as ozone depletion worsens.

Ozone layer deplection
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