Juvenile justice system should focus on punishment

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Should the Juvenile Justice System Should Focus

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American juvenile justice system

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Punishment In The Juvenile Justice System

If a juvenile wants to act out in such a horrible way, and make the conscious decision like an adult, they should be tried and treated as an adult. I believe that the juvenile criminal justice system should focus on using rehabilitation as a punishment.

What I mean by this is that rehabilitation is being used more for people who want it, and not always people who need it. b Toshiba Justice System Position Kimberly Gaudiosi Emmalee The topic of juvenile justice is a broad one but one that should concern everyone.

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My standpoint on this debatable topic is that the juvenile justice system should focus on the rehabilitation of the teens rather than making them pay for their crimes with an extensive jail sentence as a punishment.

Juvenile justice system is a system of justice for offenders under the age of eighteen in the United States, which primarily focuses on turning juvenile offenders into productive citizens through treatment and rehabilitation, which has now taken a route of punishment (Schultz, et al, ).

The approach of juvenile justice system to focus on punishment, rather than rehabilitation, will be beneficial in preventing juvenile crimes and recidivism.

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However, this is a controversial issue. Punishment in the Juvenile justice System. What does [the juvenile justice system] do well?

Rehabilitation Beats Punishment for Juveniles

because punishment's going to be terrible. And I'm not saying the kid shouldn't have an attorney, but that's what happens when we made this.

Juvenile justice system should focus on punishment
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The Juvenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation