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All Hail Software Metrics!

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Analysis Group, one of the largest economics consulting firms, has been recognized as a leader on the Global Competition Review (GCR) Economics ABA is an industry leader of energy analysis, diagnostic, and verification services in Massachusetts and southern NH.

We are an ENERGY STAR partner who helps builders of new single family and multi-family homes cost effectively meet the challenges of higher energy efficiency standards. We perform engineering design, analysis, troubleshooting and equipment life extension services, as well as expert witness services, assisting clients in the energy, mining, manufacturing, oil/gas, chemical and other industries solve complex problems – allowing them to increase production performance, and become more cost-efficient.

IAG provides extremely productive services that ensure systems, programs, and strategies actually meet the business need. unlike traditional approaches that take too long and over-specify, unstructured environments that are inconsistent and unreliable, and immature modern approaches that may be insufficient and oversimplify the problem.

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Applied Behavior Analysis Services Specializing in the Support and Treatment of Individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities Since Welcome to Reagan Consulting. Reagan Consulting is where America’s leading agents, brokers and financial institutions turn for advice.

For over 20 years, we have provided M&A advisory, valuation and strategic consulting services to the leaders in insurance distribution, including more than 60 of the top agents and brokers and more than banks and savings institutions.

Consulting analysis
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