Blossoms of fire

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Rare bamboo fruit blossoms at Palode

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Blossoms on Fire

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This festival celebrates the achievements of Greece's Dr. Muli bamboo blossoms only once in 48 years and dies after fruiting. Burning Blossom is an item used in the Midsummer Fire Festival holiday.

It is looted and a quest reward. In the Holiday Items category. Always up to date. Use the Hong Kong Events & Festivals Search and Calendar to keep up-to-date on the city’s latest happenings, including cultural celebrations, fairs and exhibitions, arts and performances, and more.

Blossoms of Fire was made over a period of ten years and it sure shows. The film is well put together and very interesting.

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FIRE is the energy of summer; it gives us warmth and the capacity to love and be loved. It enables us to mature and blossom.

Blossoms of fire
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Rare bamboo fruit blossoms at Palode - The Hindu