An analysis of foolish youth in im a fool by sherwood anderson

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“I’m A Fool” by Sherwood Anderson Essay

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‘I’m A Fool’ by Sherwood Anderson

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I'm a Fool Summary

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Character Analysis in Sherwood Anderson’s “I’m A Fool” Essay Sample

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"I'm A Fool" by Sherwood Anderson takes the reader into the mind of a lying, ambivalent, uneducated and somewhat foolish youth. It is a story of a foolish incident in which he lies to a beautiful 5/5(1).

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At the age of 41, inhe published his first novel anonymously, and later, inhe published a group of black dialect sermons in verse. "I'm A Fool" by Sherwood Anderson takes the reader into the mind of a lying, ambivalent, uneducated and somewhat foolish youth.

Through his eyes we are told a humorous story of a foolish incident in which he compulsively lies to a beautiful girl in attempt to win her companionship. Anderson In an article by George Farr. 'describe how his marriage to a woman whom he greatly loved and the breaking up of his home through his wife's adultery led the prophet to understand more fully than before the heinousness of Israel's apostasy and the depth of Yhwh's love for his people'.

An analysis of foolish youth in im a fool by sherwood anderson
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