Alone in a dark alley

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Woman Alone in a Dark Alley. Dangerous, scared.

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Alone in the Dark 2 is the sequel to 's survival horror video game Alone in the Dark developed and published by Infogrames as the second installment in the series.

Gotham City, like other cities in the DC Universe, has varied in its portrayals over the decades, but the city's location is traditionally depicted as being in the state of New Amazing World of DC Comics #14 (March ), publisher Mark Gruenwald discusses the history of the Justice League and indicates that Gotham City is located in New Jersey.

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Alone in the Dark is very bad, with bad acting, story and directing. The film stumbles around trying to find a purpose, but it never elevates to anything remotely good or creative.

Action scenes 1%.

Alone in a dark alley
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