8051 microcontroller based

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Microcontroller Based Projects

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8051 Microcontroller Projects and Tutorials

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Android mobile based Industrial Security System using bluetooth technology

Performance, Power, Fart - Anything is Primary!. Microcontroller based electronic locker system. CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION. Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. Everyone wants to be as much secure as dailywn.com issue of security is very paramount at home doors and safe.

An access control for doors dailywn.com in a security chain. May 05,  · Electronics Projects, Microcontroller Up Down Counter Circuit (keil) " example, avr project, keil example, microcontroller projects, " With DOWN COUNTER The basic principle of this circuit based on the number entered from the keypad is left counting down or up.

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This is a introduction of series of microcontroller tutorials. microcontroller was first designed by Intel since It is a 8bit microcontroller. It have on chip one serial and four peripheral ports, 4K bytes of ROM, bytes of RAM, counters, timers.

Knowledge based About/Contact Us Microcontroller Registers.


Timer Registers. TCON (Timer Control register) TCON is an 8-bit register. Its bits are used for generating interrupts internal or external. The most important bits of the timer TR and TF are also in it. TR (timer run) and TF (timer overflow) bits which we use in almost all over.

FlashMagic is a windows based tool which can be used to download the contents of a HEX file .hex dailywn.com) into the P89V51RD2 microcontroller via UART (i.e. Serial Port). The Hardware: The programs have been design to run on the UNISDK which is an based development system.

8051 microcontroller based
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